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Stephen Adamson

This is the classic Davis vs Goliath situation.

You've got Daiju Takase, a 169 pound MMA fighter and Emmanuel Yarborough, a 600+ pound fighter with a background in sumo. As you'll see from viewing this fight, a lot goes down in the ~5 minutes that it takes to decide a winner.

I don't want to give away what happens, so without further ado, take a look and see for yourself.

Big vs. Small

Everything about this makes me happy. Not only does the little guy win, he does so in a come-from-behind fashion.

That's really gotta hurt for Yarborough... the speed and agility that he lacked was enough to get Takase out of a precarious situation and give him the upset victory.

What did you think? Have you seen a more outmatched fighter win before?

(Via: YouTube)


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