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This would be HUGE (Shout out to Donald Trump)!

In what would be a fight of massive and epic proportions, both literally tne figuratively, the Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara wants to pit the legendary Fedor Emelianenko against a 375 pound sumo wrestler named Baruto Kaito.

Keep in mind, Fedor is 6'0" 236 lbs. He would have a distinct size disadvantage, but he's probably a better fighter.

So, let's meet the man who Sakakibara wants to fight him...

Baruto Kaito made his MMA debut against Peter Aerts at the Rizin Fighting Federation New Year's Eve show and won the contest by unanimous decision. According to the promotion's CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara, Baruto will likely compete on the next Rizin event before working his way towards a potential match-up against Fedor.

Here's what Sakakibara had to say told

"We would like Baruto to return to the ring in April. He has great potential and if we talk about the near future, he may even become an opponent of Fedor. When I talked with Baruto, he said that he would like to enter the ring against Fedor."

I would argue that this is a win-win for Fedor

Think about it, if Fedor wins, he took down a 375 pound beast, but if he loses he still gets respect for having the balls to throw down with a beast... and of course it's okay that he lost since he's completely oversized!

The Rizin CEO added,

"Baruto, despite the fact that he is a newcomer in the world of combat sports, he won his first fight last year. He is now hard training and weighs 170 kg. The question is, whether Fedor is ready to meet such an opponent on the other side. Fedor has never been scrupulous in such matters. He met with opponents that greatly exceeds his weight like Hong Man Choi and Zulu. So, let's see."

What do you think?


Should Fedor do this fight?

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