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Rafael dos Anjos fights Conor McGregor at UFC 196, which goes down in Las Vegas at MGM Grand on March 5th. He's already been making enemies in the MMA world, and most recently he went absolutely ham during an acceptance speech/video that he dropped at the MMA Awards.

It was pretty ruthless. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is below:

But McGregor's speech is really the tip of the iceberg

A seemingly unlikely opponent for McGregor to have picked up over the past few weeks is heavyweight champ (and Rafael dos Anjos teammate) Fabricio Werdum, who has taken a serious disliking to the UFC's featherweight kingpin.

Let's just say Werdum and McGregor haven't been too friendly, trading shots in the media ever since a story surfaced that McGregor wanted to train at Kings MMA and Werdum built up this idea that the exclusive club wasn't good enough for the Irishman.

McGregor took a moment during the World MMA Awards to put Werdum on blast for pulling out of a potential bout with Stipe Miocic. McGregor called Werdum a "pussy" for "pulling out with a sore toe," while accepting his "Fighter of the Year"award.

Well, we've got an Instagram post now from Werdum that is likely to ignite even more shit talking from Conor McGregor.

He also added,

Please Werdum :: Go slow :: easy you are a heavyweight !!! Wow !!! Now I love you more than . now I know why

Everything about this is fucked up

Homophobia aside, this is just a little bit messed up, especially since the two are fighting in different classes and likely will never face each other in the ring.

Also, the trash photoshop skills of whoever made this make this even more comical. I can't wait to see how Conor responds.

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