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Conor McGregor currently holds the UFC featherweight championship belt and has his eyes set on getting the lightweight belt at UFC 196 from the current holder, Rafael dos Anjos.

This past Friday, February 5th, at the Venetian in Las Vegas, he accepted the Fighter of the Year award which unsurprisingly went to the Irishman. You can watch the entire broadcast February 12th on Fox Sports 2.

We already have a YouTube sound byte from the event, though. Spoiler alert, it's classic Conor...

As you saw above, he wasn't actually present in the room, but he more-than made his presence felt. "I need to feed on you bums," he says. He called the heavyweight champion a "pussy". There's all sorts of ridiculous trash talk in this speech. "The game is on its knees," he says.

He ruffled some feathers, for sure. What did you think of it?


Was Conor McGregor out of line with this speech?

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