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This past weekend at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas featured a lot of great fights including the headliner event in which Stephen Thompson KO'd Johny Hendricks in the 1st round.

However, the video below is highlighting one of the prelim fights on FS1. Sometimes these less "important" fights get a little bit less love. But when something awesome happens, people take notice.

Like Diego Rivas defeating Noad Lahat by catching him with a perfectly timed flying knee in the second round of their bout.

Check it out:

And like that, it was over. Getting KO'd by a perfect flying knee has to be one of the more demoralizing ways to go out. Rivas may have been closer to the bottom of the card at the event on Saturday, but he provided us with one of the better highlights of the day.

What do you think?


Is there a better way to knock someone out than via flying knee?

(Via: YouTube)


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