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Stephen Adamson

Ronda Rousey gets a little bit of flack for being "Hollywood" and acting in films, tv, and advertisements. Although in my opinion, there's no reason for all the hate.

She's good looking, marketable, and wants to make as much money as she possibly can. For those reasons, I fully endorse this Super Bowl ad she did for Bud Light with comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

Check it out below:

Rousey plays the security guard for Schumer and Rogen on some kind of red carpet, denying reporters from asking questions to the two "stars". The tables turn, however, when Seth Rogen then asks Rousey when she's going to fight again.

She instantly throw him into a head-lock. What do you think of the 30 second spot?

(Via: YouTube)


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