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UFC president Dana White is incredibly hands on with his promotion, as he well should be. It is really inspiring to me to see a league and a sport that seems to care enough about their athletes to the point that they get genuinely giddy about their performances.

In this case, Dana White has weighed in on UFC 196 and its headliner fight between Rafael dos Anjos and Conor McGregor for the lightweight title belt.

He isn't too confident in his boy Conor...

Anton Tabuena from Bloody Elbow says White described Dos Anjos as "an animal" and having defeated Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone in his last two fights, he's admittedly pretty hot right now.

Conor had to jump from 145 pounds to 155 pounds, which is pretty significant, too. According to his Twitter, though, he's really not too concerned.

My thing is, I don't doubt Conor McGregor - ever - because he keeps proving me wrong. I thought Jose Aldo would shut him up, but clearly that just simply wasn't true.

He knocked him out in 13 seconds.

We'll have to wait and see, though on March 5, when Dos Anjos defends his lightweight title and risks losing it to the possible first ever person to hold both featherweight and lightweight belts at the same time.

I'm pretty amped if you can't tell.

(Via: Bleacher Report)


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