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Stephen Adamson

You may recall, Conor McGregor was once accosted by TMZ, who asked who would win in the Octagon between McGregor and Jesus Christ. He thought it was a ridiculous question (which it was) and laughed, saying he'd "knock him out".

Apparently, a little bit of a joke has gone a long way in the eyes of this Baptist preacher who simply wasn't having that. Take a look and watch this video. It's just under two minutes of completely maniacal insanity. Well worth the watch in my opinion, though.

It really doesn't get much wackier than this. He even throws Ronda Rousey somewhat under the bus by saying her fanbase betrayed her after she lost to Holly Holm. He seemingly has an axe to grind with the entire UFC!

I really got a kick out of this, mostly because it's so ridiculous. If you agree with him, though, I would love to hear why. Genuinely curious...



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