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This morning, I spoke with Kimbo Slice who sounded more-than ready for his February 19th Bellator 149 fight with Dada 5000 who, by the sound of it, might be in serious trouble.

Why? Because Kimbo Slice sounds poised to do the absolute most damage you could imagine to a man who he literally can't stand.

Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 Feb 19 at 9ET on Spike TV
Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 Feb 19 at 9ET on Spike TV

My conversation with the amazing Kimbo Slice:

Q: What are some words you have for Dada 5000 off the bat?

A: I ain't got no words for that clown. I'mm put my hands on him.

Q: You have rapper Trick Daddy's endorsement for this fight. How does that make you feel, and how big of a fight is this for the Miami-Dade County community?

A: You know, it's big time. You got two locals, you know what I'm saying, on the same card, and not only are we on the same card, we're going against each other. And you know, a perfect timing for this fight would be Street Certified™, considering the nature of what I did and how I came up and how this dude got his start in the game.

And he's a disrespectful person, he's ugly and I don't like him. And you know I want to knock him out, I want to break his jaw and shut him up.

Q: Do you think Dada is jocking your style at all?

A: Definitely. That's why he's ugly. Because he doesn't look like me. He's trying to, he's imitated everything I've done and made a mockery of it.

He doesn't respect the nature of the sacrifice that was put into everything. He has no respect and he's a loud mouth.

Q: Dada isn't as experienced as you. Can you touch on the fact that he's trying to step to you at this point in both of your careers?

A: This dude had every opportunity in the world to step to me. His game wasn't right then, his game's not gonna be right now.

I hope he's getting some very good training in, I hope he's at his best, and I hope he's ready to go on the 19th of February.

Q: How has MMA changed not just from a media standpoint, but a cultural standpoint with you and Dada embodying that?

A: Well, you can't put me and him in the same category, whatsoever. But considering you got two large black men coming into the sport to fight, if you want to say the sport changed to that level, yeah we we got more of our culture, as opposed to the stereotype of the culture... just basketball just football. Now, we're showing we're branching off, we're versatile and talented.

But you know when you got a guy like him with no time in the game, it's about dedication. You have to be dedicated, you have to be committed to it, you have to be loyal. I've had 10 years in this game, and I've developed a different demographic of training. Not just being a stand-up guy but to develop some jiu-jitsu, some wrestling takedowns, some muay thai, submissions.

And he has no idea of what's going on, I can beat him in those areas. But a good knockout. A good All-American knockout, is what the fans want it's what we want, it's what I want. A good All-American knockout.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on Conor McGregor?

A: Conor McGregor, he's a bad-ass, especially in his division. The way he knocked out Jose, you know he's tough, he imposed his will. He has attitude, he has character. The sport of MMA needs more Conor McGregor's, needs more Kimbo Slice's you know "characters". People who speak well and are well rounded, who show commitment in their workout.

Fighters like Ronda Rousey, very respectful, and someone who committed her life to submissions and to the game of Mixed Martial Arts. We need more people like that, because nowadays our kids look up to us as fighters and celebrities who can guide them a little bit. Unlike in the NFL and NBA, for the sport of MMA, it's on the rise.

Q: Bellator is on the rise with some key signings recently, how would you compare it to the UFC?

A: As far as Bellator and the UFC, those are about as big as you can get. I would compare it to football where you have the AFC and the NFC. It's no UFC against Bellator. Bellator isn't on the rise, it's been on the rise. They have great Champions and great fighters just like the UFC.

To fight for either organization is an amazing opportunity for any fighter. You're fighting on prime time, everyone around the world gets to see you, and they take great care of you as a fighter.

Q: You spoke a little bit about kids looking up to you... what would you say to a kid who's maybe getting picked on in elementary school, middle school, high school who looks up to someone like Kimbo Slice?

A: When I was growing up, I was picked on. And I would come home and my mom would always tell me to fight, to fight, to fight. Or she would tell me to defend myself in some other ways. A lot of kids, though, get put in so many situations like that who don't know how to properly defend themselves. A lot of those kids grow up to be cops, or correctional officers, or lawyers and judges and they have a chip or an attitude from their youth. And you just gotta, every parent who has kids, we have to teach our kids better. Which kid, which child do you think you have... is your kid going to be a bully? Were you a bully? Is your child susceptible to getting picked on? Were you picked on? I think in this era, in this new generation, there shouldn't really be a bully in school. There shouldn't be no more bullies. It should just be kids and schools competing against each other so we can see who's best. If your kid is a bully, then you did a shitty job as a parent and that parent should be kicked in the ass!

Q: [I then asked him about the video below featuring Ladianian Tomlinson that I still love to this day]

A: (Kimbo laughs) We really did, we had a great time out there. LT, he reached out to us, he got in contact with my crew, he flew us out there, showed us mad love, and gave us a ton of Nike gear. He's really a scholar, awesome guy. We're still cool, every now and then we'll send each other a text, he's doin' his thing, and I'm doin' mine.

I'm sure if there was an opportunity to come out and see a fight, LT will be there. And same with Antonio Brown (Steelers WR)... Another great guy, that's my boy as well. Antonio Brown, he's an awesome dude, I have nothing but love and respect for him.

Q: Your friends with these NFL guys... so who do you have in the Super Bowl?

A: You know, Peyton's a vet. But Cam, man.. Cam boi... I'm likin' them right now. They got a great D, they got an awesome offense. I think they got what it takes to put a stop to Denver's offense. And with Cam being in that corner, this guy is very talented, he's very smart, he's young yeah, but he's got a high IQ because he has football sense.

Q: What's your plan for Super Bowl Sunday?

A: I'm going to continue to stay low, I have a fight coming up, so I'm focused, I'm very focused, I'm so alert. I'm peaking right now, so it'd be good if I stay inside, cuz if I go outside... I could get into a fight!

Next, I asked Kimbo what role he would like to take in a Hollywood film, to which he answered "The Juggernaut". You can see more on that here.

You can see Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 at Bellator 149, which takes place February 19th at 9PM ET on Spike TV.


Who are you taking in this fight?


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