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Stephen Adamson

It feels weird to say that 2008 was 8 years ago, but it's a fact that I simply can't deny. And on this very day, February 3rd, 8 years ago was when Frank Mir welcomed Brock Lesnar to the UFC with open arms at UFC 81, handing him his first loss of his career as he submitted Lesnar in the very 1st round with a kneebar.

This was the Frank Mir era at its peak. He then went on to TKO Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and win the UFC interim heavyweight championship at UFC 92.

Here's the clip of Lesnar and Mir. It feels crazy looking at it 8 years later:

While there’s been talk of a potential Mir vs. Lesnar III, it doesn't seem very likely to happen...

Do you remember this fight?



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