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While it's unfair to put Ronda Rousey down even more than she already has been by the media, it seems a bit strange that she hasn't decided to watch tape on her loss to Holly Holm yet.

It was by far the worst performance of her career, and I can understand not wanting to relive that agony but as a former athlete myself, I think there are always valuable lessons one can learn from the tape.

Speaking of which, here it is below:

Her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan had this to say to ESPN about why she hasn't taken a look at the fight yet...

"It's not about wanting to watch, it's about whether or not the timing is right or if it's even necessary.
"I know how to speak to Ronda. I know Ronda very well. She doesn't need to watch that fight. The fight is over. It's about what we're doing now. It's my job to watch the footage and I'm dedicating everything I have to Ronda's rematch with Holly."

Of course, right now Tarverdyan is having a difficult time keeping his name out of the press for having lost his cornerman credentials and getting called an "idiot" by Ronda's mother. She blames him for the loss.

Ronda Rousey and Edmond Tarverdyan
Ronda Rousey and Edmond Tarverdyan

Through all of this turmoil and drama, Edmond Tarverdyan is willing to take the blame for this loss

Once again, there was this quote from ESPN:

"When you're up there, somebody needs to be blamed for it. I'm taking the blame. I'm OK with that. I know what reality is. I accept reality. Reality is people will talk all kinds of unnecessary stuff. As long as my fighter believes in me, I believe in my fighter and we'll move on from there."

And I get it, everyone wants to point fingers when things don't go well. But in my mind, while moving on is important, I think getting a few valuable hours of film-time looking back at Ronda's worst moment as a fighter is one of the best uses of her time right now.

What do you think?

(Via: ESPN)


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