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Kimbo Slice is no stranger to the big screen. He's appeared in several films, he has a larger than life persona, and he has a background as one of the most bad-ass street and professional fighters of all time.

While right now his main focus is his February 19th Bellator MMA bout with rival Dada 5000, I was able to speak to him and that didn't stop him from prognosticating a bit - specifically, regarding a potential dream role that I agree with totally.

Here's his entire iMDB history, FYI:

To my question as to which character Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson would like to play, at first he was a little more general...

"If they gave me an opportunity, there's three different things, because I like acting. I would try a superhero role or I wouldn't mind a scary movie, horror movie. Or, I wouldn't mind being like a principal at a school or something dealing with kids... giving them advice."

Just sayin', if Kimbo Slice was a principal at a school those would be the most behaved kids of all time.

But who does Kimbo want to play next in film?

The Juggernaut, bitch.

"I think I would be great as the Juggernaut."

Could you see it?

If you aren't familiar, Cain Marko, also known as the Juggernaut, is the step-brother of X-Men founder Charles Xavier and the avatar of Cyttorak. Powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Marko is bestowed virtually limitless brute strength and durability which he mostly uses for criminal pursuits and wanton destruction.

I think if it went somewhere along the lines of this video, it would be perfect:

What do you think?

Kimbo Slice fights Dada 5000 at Bellator 149, which airs February 19th at 9pm ET on Spike TV.


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