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When it comes to the UFC, no name is bigger right now than Conor McGregor.

It appears that every fighter wants a piece of the action, whether that be for a big payday or to personally silence the brash, taunting Irishman.

El Chap McGregor & Dos Anjos
El Chap McGregor & Dos Anjos

The notorious one has seen an astronomical rise in his mixed martial arts profile in the last two years.

With the hype train still rumbling on towards UFC 196, McGregor will come face to face with undoubtedly his biggest challenge to date. That challenge comes in the form of arguably the best lightweight in the world, Rafael Dos Anjos.

The mind games have already begun, with Mystic Mac vowing to behead Rafael Dos Anjos, branding him a 'traitor' in a Facebook post that sparked some backlash due to it's overtly aggressive taunts.

Mr. McGregor has said that Rafael is a traitor to his people and vows to "behead the 'American Gringo' Rafael Dos Anjos, in the name of La Brasilia!"

When it comes to his fights, McGregor has a habit of successfully predicting when he'll end the fight, and in the exact manner he will do so. UFC 196 is no exception.

Successfully predicting his wins against Poirier, Siver and Mendes, McGregor upped the ante by pretty much predicting the exact punch that KO'd the ten year champion, Jose Aldo. Now, the Notorious one has claimed that Rafael Dos Anjos will be the next victim that he knocks out when the pair had their first face-off.

Is Conor McGregor underestimating Rafael Dos Anjos?

Many believe that McGregor is not fully taking into consideration how dangerous an opponent Rafael Dos Anjos is. Speaking on Sirius Radio's Opie with Jim Norton, UFC president Dana White outlined just how crazy the idea of it is.

Conor wants to be a two-belt champion, so he wants to fight dos Anjos, which is crazy.
If you look at that guy, look what he did to 'Cowboy' Cerrone, look what he did to Ben Henderson, look what he did to Anthony Pettis. And now Conor wants to fight this guy. It's gonna be awesome.

White also confirmed what McGregor boisterously claimed during the infamous 'red panties' press conference. Everyone does indeed want to fight him. With UFC 200 lurking just round the corner, it looks like regardless of the outcome of UFC 196, White will have his prime money maker on that card.

It's not even about shit talk with this guy. His mental warfare game is better than anything I've ever seen in how he gets in guys' heads immediately. Very intelligent, calculated. Conor McGregor is a very interesting guy.
From flyweight to heavyweight, they all want to fight Conor McGregor. It's the money fight.

As if Dana White outlining how scary a guy Dos Anjos is wasn't enough to assure fans that this will be a war, self declared McGregor fan and UFC commentator Joe Rogan backed up the claim.

Responding to a question on twitter about whether or not Dos Anjos's size will be too much for the Notorious one, Rogan pointed out that the Brazilian could be the best lightweight ever.

For the fans, this is going to be one incredible fight. B.J. Penn previously attempted to hold two belts but failed, which would mean Conor McGregor could become the first MMA fighter to do so.

As his Coach says, if there's one thing Conor loves more than knocking people out, it's breaking records. As always, Conor seem relatively at ease with the upcoming prospect.

UFC 196 takes place on Mar 5, 2016. Held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, the main card boasts an incredible lineup including the Holly Holm's first defense of her title.


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