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Bellator was fairly transparent in their set-up of Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck as main and co-main fighters for Bellator 148. They set it in Koscheck's hometown of Fresno, CA and the goal for the promotion was to see both men win... triggering a rematch for the two rivals.

But now we have news that Koscheck has backed out of his fight with Matt Secor. Daley will now be in the main event against Andy Uhrich.

Here's what Daley had to say about this to MMAFighting:

"Now unless you've completely shattered your leg or your left bollocks dropped out, your testicles somehow left your ball sack, you ain't gonna pull out of a fight when you just see how clearly the plan has been laid out. Obviously, Koscheck didn't have no balls to begin with. He's let the whole team down. He needs to go get some type of Tampax, some sanitary towel and go sit in the corner, go paint his nails or something."

He even rubbed a little bit of salt in those clearly open wounds...

"I know he let his hometown fans down. I'm pretty sure he's let a lot of people at Bellator down. And now I'm doing my best to carry the rest of the show. We'll see if that fight happens. I'm doing my part. I'm doing everything I can."

The interesting thing is that Daley is very likely to cross paths with Koscheck this week. The event is taking place in Koscheck's city and the former Ultimate Fighter 1 competitor will more than likely corner his protégé Chris Honeycutt in the Bellator 148 co-main event against Paul Bradley. Daley is anticipating a confrontation, from the sounds of it.

"I don't like him. I'm gonna have a few words to say to him if I see him. More often than not, he says nothing, because he knows who the real fighter is. I'm the real fighter away from the cameras and away from the risk of losing our income. He knows who would be up for the fight wherever it be. He knows that. He knows to keep quiet and just play up when the cameras are there for his own safety."

Daley even made light of the whole thing, although it's clear that he doesn't like the man...

"Maybe or maybe they will just hail me with stones after I win and I'll have to be escorted out by armed police or something, riot police. I'm prepared for it. I'll just go in there, do my thing and hopefully get out of there in one piece and not get attacked or whatever by the crazed Koscheck fans."

Daley, 32, still thinks his longtime rival is a top fighter despite four straight losses to close his UFC run. "Semtex" isn't sure if Koscheck is truly injured or if he's just rich now and living the good life. Maybe he isn't all that motivated, Daley said.

"He doesn't have the heart of a true fighter. I truly believe that."

What do you think?

(Via: MMAFighting)


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