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Edmond Tarverdyan is an extremely controversial figure in the MMA community. As a coach, he led Ronda Rousey through a 12-fight undefeated streak (and the longest title fight finish streak in UFC history to boot). Following her loss to Holly Holm though, many wondered just how much Tarverdyan had to do with all of that success.

In the months that followed, many analysts criticized Tarverdyan's gameplan, and his lack of advice for his fighter during the bout itself. It has also come to light that his cornerman license was revoked after he attempted to falsify documents.

Among Tarverdyan's harshest critics is none other than Ronda Rousey's mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars. On a recent episode of Submission Radio, De Mars opened up about her thoughts on Rousey's coach, and how much she feels like he is holding her daughter back.

The talk of Edmond Tarverdyan begins at around 9:30. You can listen to it below, or jump ahead for the relevant quotes.

In the interview De Mars called Tarverdyan an "idiot and a fraud:"

"We never talked about it too much cause I told her flat out that I think that the guy she's training with is an idiot and a fraud. He's being investigated for bankruptcy fraud out here, for tax evasion, for mortgage fraud, they just suspended his license for falsifying his application. He was convicted of two counts of identity theft. So we don't talk about that much cause I told her flat out, as long as you're training with this guy, I just cannot stomach that."

She added that she totally blames Rousey's loss on Tarverdyan's coaching:

"I predicted it in advance, Ronda trained with an idiot. She trained with an idiot who's a fraud. I would be shocked to find out if that guy has any [fighting] record at all. As far as I know, I saw him fight once and he fought somebody with a record of like 6-20 and won a split decision. He won a decision against somebody who had a drastically losing record.
"The guy's a fraud. He trained Ronda, Ronda had a lot talent, she has a lot of talent. She came into that gym with a very strong ten-year background of training at the olympic level and it carried her a long way. But she trained in judo, she needs to get away from some egomaniac fraud and be herself. And Ronda as her self can beat anybody on the planet. So I'm sad about [the loss to Holm], but you become an adult and make decisions, and sometimes you make mistakes, hopefully you learn from those mistakes."

She later added:

"I hope that he loses his license and goes to jail because either of those are a possibility. I think if she changes [camps] she has an outstanding chance of winning [the rematch]. If she doesn't, you know what? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If you do the same things with the same people, you can expect the same results."

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