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The undisputed star of the UFC right now is Conor McGregor. It seems as if everybody is taking shots at the featherweight champion, and some people even believe that he's undeserving of the crown.

Now that he plans to fight Rafael dos Anjos for a chance to make history - being the first person to ever hold the lightweight belt and featherweight belt at the same time - the spotlight has been on him even more than ever before.

And that's completely fine in Conor's eyes. He loves the attention. However, has the UFC been giving him an unfair advantage? Frankie Edgar thinks so...

Here's what he had to say to Elite Daily:

“I see it happening… As long as his fight [with Rafael dos Anjos] goes well. As long as he comes out of the fight uninjured, we’ll be the headline fight at UFC 200. I believe I earned it, I got a good feeling I’m gonna get it. But nothing solid to say that it’s definitely gonna be me.”

He also added,

“I’m not too worried about it. If I was to fight Conor, I wouldn’t sit there worrying about getting hit. I’m just gonna do what I do best.”

Is McGregor getting unfair training advantages courtesy of the UFC?

“I’m sure he’s working on it. He better be. The UFC hired [Olympic gold medalist] Jordan Burroughs to be his wrestling coach. He knows that’s his weakness. It’s not something you learn overnight, especially wrestling. It’s a feel-type of sport, takes time.”

Is this kosher? What do you think?



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