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When we first conceived the idea of this whole 'Champions' thing, we were thinking of athletes who pushed themselves to the true physical brink. We thought of those who not only had titles to their names, but also those who exemplified what it meant to be a true winner.

Anderson Silva certainly came to mind, which makes this Instagram post even more exciting to report on.

Check it out for yourself:

He captioned,

"Don't confuse a defeat with failure or a victory with success. In a life of a champion there will always be some losses, just like in the life of a some looses there will be some victories. The difference is that when a champion grows with his defeat, a looser gets comfortable with his victory. In my opinion to be a champ, is not to be better than anyone, but to be able to be better than yourself, take your talent as far as you can take, and elevate your knowledge to the highest level of your existence.

Não confunda derrotas com fracasso nem vitórias com sucesso. Na vida de um campeão sempre haverá algumas derrotas, assim como na vida de um perdedor sempre haverá vitórias. A diferença é que, enquanto os campeões crescem nas derrotas, os perdedores se acomodam nas vitórias,minha opinião.
Ser um campeão não é ser melhor que ninguém mas conseguir ser melhor que você mesmo superar os seus limites o máximo que puder levar seu conhecimento no nível mais alto de sua existência."

You have to love the Spanish and English versions...

What do you think?

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