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Ryan Matsunaga

Very often when a fighter suffers a big defeat, everyone starts pointing fingers. It was the judges' fault, it was the ref's fault, it was a bad camp, it was an injury... you know the drill.

In the weeks following Ronda Rousey's shocking KO at the hands (and kicks) of Holly Holm though, the former bantamweight champ has been surprisingly silent. Her only real statement on the matter was a brief congratulations to Holm on SNL.

However, a lot of people have been laying the blame for this loss on her training camp, specifically her longtime coach Edmond Tarverdyan. Many believe that Tarverdyan did not adequately prepare Rousey for Holm's stand-up game, and judging from the audio of his between-round coaching, did little to help her adjust during the fight.

Tarverdyan seems to be aware of this, and in an interview with ESPN, he says he doesn't mind being blamed, as long as Ronda herself doesn't lose faith in him.

“When you’re up there, somebody needs to be blamed for it. I’m taking the blame. I’m OK with that. I know what reality is. I accept reality. Reality is people will talk all kinds of unnecessary stuff. As long as my fighter believes in me, I believe in my fighter and we’ll move on from there."

That being said, Tarverdyan soundly refutes the idea that he told Rousey to box with Holm.

"Our job wasn't to prove she's a better boxer, which I [still] believe Ronda could box with anybody in the world.
"Come on. We're here to get the win. At that level, are you serious? Would you put your ego or whatever it is -- I can't even find the word -- to prove something instead of defending the title? That's dumb to even say that."

Rousey and Holm are expected to have a rematch later this year. Whether or not the title is on the line will depend on the outcome of Holly Holm's next fight though, as she takes on no.2 contender Miesha Tate in March.


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