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Ryan Matsunaga

Mark Hunt is undeniably one of the hardest hitting athletes in professional fighting. Eight of his 11 wins in MMA have come via KO or TKO, and he's a K-1 Kickboxing World Grand Prix champion to boot. In short, if he hits you, you go down.

That is... unless you're this guy, who frankly looks like he'd sooner give you a hug than get in a fight (his nickname of "Noodles" feels about right). Appearances can be deceiving though, and he apparently has abs of steel!

Check this out:

Appearances aside, "Noodles" is no push-over. Not only can he take a punch like a champ, he's also an aspiring kickboxer with some serious power in his hands. Check out this KO win that only took him 6 seconds!


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