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Holly Holm's first title defense against Miesha Tate could headline an event all on its own, but strangely, it's been largely overshadowed by another fight on the card: Rafael dos Anjos vs Conor McGregor.

That's no huge surprise given the fact that McGregor is poised to make history if he can win, as he'll become the first ever simultaneous two-division champ in UFC history. Still, you can't help but feel a little bad for Holm and Tate.

Miesha Tate surprisingly doesn't see it that way though, and she's actually glad that McGregor vs. Dos Anjos is taking the spotlight.

"Well you know what, it’s really nice, because it definitely takes a lot of the distractions off, and [McGregor] seems to handle it really well," Tate said during an appearance on The MMA Hour. "And the good thing about it is, when I go out there and take this belt, regardless, there’s going to be a lot of eyes watching. Because whether they want to see Conor McGregor or they want to see our fight, they’re going to be watching. We’re right before their fight, so pretty much the entire world’s going to see that, and I’m really excited about that. So that’s the most important thing."

Tate even takes it a step farther, and says she has a newfound admiration for McGregor's talk-game.

"It’s kind of mind blowing, honestly," she said. "I have never sat next to Conor at a press conference. I’ve heard his interviews and things like that, but I’ve never sat next to him and really just listened to him do his full gamut of mental warfare, and it was honestly pretty impressive. I don’t know where this guy gets it from but I mean he is really in his own right a genius.

"It was just crazy to watch it unfold. It was just kind of jaw-dropping, and there were definitely times where I kind of caught myself laughing, and I was like, oh my gosh, I should not be laughing at this right now. But he is really funny, and he’s just very witty. He’s a very intelligent man."

Sounds like Tate is a little bit starstruck!

UFC 197 will take place on March 5, 2016.


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