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Ryan Matsunaga

Rameau Sokoudjou and Paul Buentello are both decorated MMA veterans. Between them they have over 80 fights, including runs in the UFC, Pride, and Bellator.

The two of them recently fought in Abu Dhabi, and according to those in attendance, it was a horrifying spectacle after the referee allowed the match to go on for far too long.

Now video has been uploaded of the event, and it's clear how badly that ref needs to be fired. In the third round of the fight, Buentello knocks Sokoudjou down with a series of knees and punches. After continuing to batter him on the ground, the ref restarts the fight (presumably because the two of them are too close to the ropes). The only problem? Sokoudjou is unresponsive, and can't even stand without the ref literally pulling him to his feet.

He goes down for a second time less than a minute later, falling through the ropes and laying flat on his face. Inexplicably, the ref gives him time to "recover," and re-enter the ring. The fight begins again, and seconds later, a straight right hand sends him falling to the canvas for one last time.

No fighter should have to endure that much damage, and it's clear that he was out of the fight long before that. Give it a watch here:


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