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Miesha Tate was once embroiled in what seemed to be a pretty bitter rivalry with Ronda Rousey, so she probably isn't shedding too many tears over the former champ's loss to Holly Holm.

In fact, Tate revealed in a recent interview that she's really glad Rousey was defeated, as it's opened up the division to some much needed change.

"Here's what I like about the upset," she told MMA Junkie. "The face of women's mixed martial arts was Ronda, almost solely Ronda for a long time. But I think with the big upset with Holly, it's kind of dispersed it.

"I think Ronda's absence has kind of helped women's mixed martial arts because it helps round out the division, and it forces growth, and that's what we really needed. We needed to prove to the fans and prove to the world that there's more depth in this division."

"And that's what's happened with her losing the belt and Holly coming out of almost nowhere, as far as how well known she was compared to Ronda. I mean she's really blown up and she's become a star, and that's what we need. We need more stars. It's been the Ronda show for so long that it doesn't give us much opportunity for other women to shine, until Holly came and turned the world upside down so to speak."

You can watch the full interview here:

Miesha Tate is getting another crack at the title at UFC 197 in March, when she'll challenge Holly Holm for the UFC women's bantamweight belt.


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