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Ryan Matsunaga

Ronda Rousey is at a crossroads in her career right now. After a stunning KO ended the mystique of her invincibility, Rousey now finds herself as an underdog for the first time in years. Complicating matters will be her decision to take much of 2016 off to recover and fulfill her Hollywood obligations.

When she does return, she'll be fighting an uphill battle, not only against reigning champion Holly Holm, but also one to regain her lost confidence.

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson knows exactly how she feels.

At the peak of his career, he too was humbled when Buster Douglas (a 42:1 underdog) knocked him out in the 10th round, shattering a 37 fight win streak.

He rebounded though, winning his next eight straight. It remains to be seen if Rousey can do the same, but Tyson had some advice to her during his recent appearance on Conan.

"She has to understand, we're in the hurt business," Tyson said. "I don't care if you're the king of the hurt business, we're in the business where we get hurt. And um, she's just gotta be seen, come out of the house. I see she's been around, show your face. You're human. She's just unfortunate that she's a goliath. David is a great king, he's done great things...He built the civilisation! But he's more famous for beating goliath."


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