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Ryan Matsunaga

Conor McGregor has already managed to do the impossible. He's somehow been able to convince the UFC to change a long-held policy, and allow him to challenge for the lightweight title without first vacating his featherweight title.

That means UFC 197 will be the first ever champion vs. champion match-up in UFC history, although it's important to note that only Rafael dos Anjos' lightweight belt is on the line.

That's probably why the designers of the official UFC 197 poster decided not to feature Conor McGregor holding a belt, instead portraying him as the challenger to Dos Anjos' title.

Here's what the poster looks like:

McGregor being McGregor however, he is not happy about that at all.

"This is a super fight. I look upon that poster, I see myself tucked in the back there. That's what I just noticed. Where is my damn belt?" McGregor asked at the UFC 197 press conference. "Where are all these historic images? These are posters that will be looked back on long after it's all said and done and you've got to look back on that absolute garbage."

"I think I might have to go into that department because they must be getting comfortable in that poster department. They wanna get their act together and start doing their damn job," he added. "He fought on free TV. He's never brought a dime to the company, he's never made a dime, yet there he is sitting on the front of my poster."


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