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Ronda Rousey has been making headlines recently for movie deals, hosting SNL next week, skipping out on UFC 200, and going on social media to let us all know how much she hates having lost to Holly Holm - and how she seeks to get her retribution at some point.

Well now we have news that Edmond Tarverdyan, head of Glendale Fight Club and long-time coach of the aforementioned UFC star, has had his seconds license revoked by the California State Athletic Commission.

It's brutal.

It's up for debate as to whether this is true, but apparently there are allegations that he falsified his information when applying for a license.

Combat Sports Law's Erik Magraken also notes that "....being licensed in other ABC member jurisdictions may also prove problematic during the course of the revocation as members typically honor each others suspensions."

What does this mean for Ronda?

I think she might need a new coach, and there are a lot of people who would agree - including her mother. There's going to have to be a serious consideration for her to distance herself from this mess, and we'll see if and when she decides to go with someone new in light of this news.

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