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Conor McGregor is no stranger to trash talk, and he often employs the strategy of getting inside the head of his opponent by belittling them and making them feel inferior to him.

Here's what he had to say about Rafael dos Anjos and a little comparison he feels between him and Jose Aldo. We all know how that 13 second bout went:

Even though he's jumping up into the Lightweight division, Conor thinks their fight at UFC 197 will be similar.

His words from the on-sale press conference:

"I believe I will dust Rafael inside one minute. He is a slower, sloppier version of [Jose] Aldo. He's like a bum version of Aldo. I believe in absolutely everything, I believe that inside one minute I will dust him. I will exit the contest fresh, I will cash the check, I will sign the next contract for UFC 200 – the brand new MGM [arena] – and we'll go again."

The man is incredibly confident and why not? He's the most hated (and loved) man in MMA right now, and he's feeling like he belongs in the conversation as one of (if not THE) greatest fighters of all time.

He added,

"You can talk about your wins and losses, but at the end of the day you've tasted that darkness of being KO'd stiff and you will taste it again on March 5."

Rafael dos Anjos isn't scared, though. Don't get that twisted.

"Lightweight is a different story. We're bigger."

McGregor might be jumping up a division, but he's actually an inch taller than dos Anjos, standing tall at 5'9".

"I'm the bigger man here. I'm gonna bully this man in his own division."

Dos Anjos replied with a simple, "You're nothing."

McGregor, as always, got the last word with the following statement:

"It will be another KO. I'd love to beat the ugly out of him and drag him into the second and third rounds. I would love to do that. But I feel like I'm gonna dust him in under one minute."

Here's the press conference for your viewing pleasure:

Thoughts on what could be one of the most entertaining fights of the year?

(Via: MMAFighting)


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