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Stephen Adamson

Matt Mitrione got absolutely messed up in Boston. Not saying this is the first time someone has gotten beat up in Boston, because I saw Black Mass, but this has to be one of the most gruesome "you should've seen the other guy" "Other Guys" ever.

Take a look at the aftermath of his injury.

Mitrione's apparently suffered a broken right orbital bone, and had to be hospitalized because of it.

UFC president Dana White, at the post fight press conference, said the replay clearly showed the eye injury was from a clean punch by Browne (18-3-1) which caused the swelling and not the two prior pokes to the same right eye that each caused the fight to be temporarily stopped as Mitrione (9-5) was having trouble seeing.

Mitrione even said that there were no hard feelings after the fight.

Here's how the eye looked on Monday...

Poor guy.



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