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Ronda Rousey has done a lot of Instagramming as of late. She's shown that she's still in good spirits, but she's also let it be known that she's aware she let down her fans... or at least, in her mind she did.

Most recently, Ronda went to Instagram to leave us with another one of her thoughtful quotes:

#FTA #DreamBigger

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What does Ronda mean by ?

In my honest opinion, I think this could be something along the lines of a, "hey, I don't need my UFC career to define who I am." I think with the recent news of Ronda signing a movie day with Tina Fey was a big "F You" to her critics and haters.

Tina Fey is big-time, and the feminism backdrop to the film "Do Nothing Bitches" probably drives home an even deeper message that could help Ronda's career immensely. She's also hosting SNL this week. So, it seems she's "dreaming bigger" by expanding her horizons on what she thinks she's capable of.

What do you think?

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