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Ronda Rousey isn't going to leave MMA to strictly make Hollywood movies, although if you read comments on the Internet lately you might not have known that to be the case.

It seems people are hating on Ronda for postponing getting back in the Octagon as she was supposed to originally have her rematch with Holly Holm at UFC 200 this summer prior to her recent plan to take a little more time.

New footage has arisen from the airport of TMZ having a quick conversation with the UFC star, and some crucial questions were asked.

One of those was the most obvious: when are you going to fight Holly Holm? To which Ronda responded,

"Some time later in the year. They haven't told me an exact date or location or anything yet."

Ronda ain't going nowhere

Rousey has a lot of non-UFC stuff on her plate right now. She hosts SNL next week, has two movies that are filming before the summer, and recently news broke that she's going to be starring alongside Tina Fey in a comedy, "Do Nothing Bitch". It seems while Holly Holm's kick could have wrecked her career, Ronda hasn't gone anywhere and has kept her Hollywood mojo strong.

She also added,

"It's a decision we're all gonna make together, but I'm kind of waiting to hear from them what options they're gonna give me."

When asked if she wants her next fight to be against Holm she replied,

"Of course. That's what I want to do."

(Via: MMAFighting)


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