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The match may have only lasted 13 seconds, but the post-fight situation continues to feel more and more complicated.

Jose Aldo recently opened up to PVT (a Brazilian outlet), revealing a complicated deal that was struck between himself, Conor McGregor, and the UFC before the fight went down... one that the UFC did not abide by after the KO.

"When we signed the contract, the intention was that the winner would fight at lightweight, but we would need to abandon the featherweight belt," he said (as transcribed by MMA Fighting).

"That was the plan, that’s what they told us. If we fought at lightweight, win or lose, and then had the opportunity to fight at featherweight again, it would be for the title immediately."

So basically, if Jose Aldo won, he would be the one challenging Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight belt, giving up the featherweight belt in the process. Then, Frankie Edgar and someone else would fight for the now vacant featherweight title.

If Aldo won at lightweight, he would stay there. If he lost, he could return to featherweight for an immediate title shot. Confused yet?

Apparently, this agreement also extended to Conor McGregor. Instead though, the UFC has gone back on their arrangement, allowing McGregor to keep his title, while also challenging for the title in another weight class.

This leaves Jose Aldo without a match-up, and an uncertain future. Still, he's hopeful that a rematch with McGregor might still be in the cards.

"Right after the fight, Dana went to the locker room and told us our next fight would be against Frankie Edgar for the belt, because Conor would move up for the lightweight division since he couldn’t cut weight anymore," Aldo told PVT. "I want a rematch with (McGregor), of course, especially because there was no fight. None of us fought, it was just a punch that he was able to connect and won the fight. Okay, congratulations, but it wasn’t what everyone expected. But I don’t live focused on that, I’m focused on the future."

What do you think? Should McGregor be allowed to keep the featherweight belt? Should the UFC have kept their agreement, or is this the right move for MMA fans?


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