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Ryan Matsunaga

It's no surprise that Frankie Edgar and his camp are pissed right now.

After dropping three fights in a row between 2012 and 2013 (losing the lightweight belt, and failing to capture the featherweight belt in the process), Edgar has spent the past two years reinventing himself. He's since won five straight, including two Performance of the Night bonuses, putting him solidly in line for the next featherweight title shot.

At least, he was, until Conor McGregor decided that he'd rather make a run at the lightweight title instead. It was an unprecedented move, and never before has the UFC allowed a fighter to change weight classes without abdicating their championship title.

Now, Frankie Edgar finds himself waiting to see when (or even if) he'll get his well deserved crack at the title. Edgar's camp is feeling the disappointment as well, and in a recent Instagram post, his coach sarcastically fired back at McGregor's decision.

The caption reads, "@thenotoriousmma and @coach_kavanagh unlike most of the 145 pd division that is upset you're going up I'm not. I want to congratulate you on actually fighting men your own size. I mean walking 175-180 fighting at 155 takes a brave man. When you say 99 % of people couldn't make the weight cut Conner makes to 145 your right, because 99 % of the fighters aren't as scared as Conner to have to drop that much weight. Fear could will a man to do amazing things. Now why don't you drop the security blanket and leave the 145 pd belt and go full blown BIG BOY. Congratulations again....... Almost. PS @frankieedgar walked 156 when he won 155 title."

He certainly comes off as pretty bitter, but with very good reason. McGregor has been scheduled to face lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 194. Who knows what's next for Frankie Edgar.


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