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Ryan Matsunaga

Former WWE star CM Punk signed with the UFC late last year, despite having no MMA experience whatsover.

Since then, we've all been waiting to see how the UFC would handle his debut, and in particular, who the heck they'd get to fight him. Now we have an answer, sort of.

CM Punk's opponent will need to clear one big hurdle first.

During the first episode of the UFC's new reality show, Looking for a Fight, Dana White watched a fighter named Mickey Gall compete in New Jersey. After Gall's impressive win, he called out CM Punk, and Dana replied that he was "interested" in the possibility.

Now it seems he has a more definitive answer. Despite only having that single win under his belt, Mickey Gall is getting the call to compete in the UFC. He'll debut in February at UFC 196, facing another prospect named Michael Jackson, another prospect with 0 MMA fights.

If the 1-0 Gall can best the 0-0 Jackson, Gall will get to fight CM Punk later this year.

"[Mickey Gall] is holding a lottery ticket with really good odds of winning the lottery right now," Dana White said of the announcement. "Like you said, he's got to get through this fight, and yeah, it's going to be a life-changer for this kid."

All told, if Gall vs Punk does happen, Mickey Gall, CM Punk, and all of their previous opponents will bring a combined record of 1-2 into the ring. Wow.


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