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Ryan Matsunaga

Is there any doubt now that BJ Penn wants to return to MMA?

The UFC Hall-of-Famer has recently moved his training to the JacksonWink MMA academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the same camp as UFC champ Holly Holm and former champ Jon Jones.

“I needed to be around the top people if I’m going to have any chance at making a run for anything," Penn posted on his website. "I’ve watched Greg Jackson for years and his great work with Jones, Holm, Arlovski, Overeem. This is amazing right now. I’ve also had the opportunity to compete against him and I know that he knows my game very well, he knows my strengths and my weaknesses. It’s a great fit.”

As for how he's training, Penn says he's just getting started, but he's definitely "serious."

“Greg has me acclimating slowly right now," he said. "I been doing private lessons with Greg Jackson and he is setting up the schedule to work with many different martial arts instructors. It really is very exciting. These guys are serious, it’s making me serious.”

"We will definitely work a lot. Greg seems to already have me on some periodization plan to ease into his schedule. I’m not really asking Greg too much questions, just letting him run the whole show."

BJ Penn's UFC return as not been confirmed yet, but he has called on Nick Lentz to be his first opponent.


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