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Can Ronda Rousey act?

It's a simple question, but worth asking. This powerful lady has proven her might and skill in the cage many a time; going from new girl on the block to dominating female mixed martial artist in the space of five years or so. However, will her talent in the ring transfer to the big screen?

So far, Ronda has had small roles in movies including The Expendables: 3, Furious 7, and Entourage.

Mercilessly kickin' some red dress booty.
Mercilessly kickin' some red dress booty.

Ronda is set to star in Mile 22, but reports (via Fightland) have come in that the star's role is being limited due to her "wooden" performance in her previous Hollywood efforts.

In order to help re-invigorate the project, director Mike Berg was pressured by studio execs to find a big star to feature in the film. Will Smith was approached but turned down the role, but luck came in the form of Mark Wahlberg who, under certain conditions, agreed:

"only if his part was beefed up and he became, rather than the tragic turncoat who dies in the film’s third act, its star, and possibly the center of a new franchise."

Mile 22 then received a major script revamp so that Mark Wahlberg could be written in as a central character. Unfortunately for Ronda, her role had been pushed to the margins, putting her once again back in the fighter box. Fogelson, who in part runs the company STX Entertainment, who will finance and distribute the movie, said the following about Rousey's role in the revised script:

“[It will allow] Ronda to do everything she can and should do without having to carry any undue acting weight.”

In a way, it feels like the movie industry isn't even giving Ronda a chance to prove herself. Typecasting Ronda into highly active fighting roles with minimal acting is going to deprive this martial arts champ from proving that she does have acting skills. Sorry STX Entertainment, I'm not sure how many of us are going to buy this "undue acting weight" concern.

What do you guys think?


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