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Brazilian outlet Globo has reported that the much-anticipated UFC 197 announcement was delayed for monetary reasons. Apparently Conor McGregor, the featherweight champion, demanded more money in order to face the lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos.

There were reports that this fight was a near certainty, but apparently the McGregor-dos Anjos fight is anything but official.

According to Globo, the UFC was set to announce the main and co-main event of the upcoming Pay-Per-View event in March (the 5th) during the Green Bay Packers game against the Washington Redskins at halftime last Sunday. Instead, however, they were forced to delay it because McGregor reportedly has yet to sign the fight contract.

During a Periscope session two days ago, dos Anjos' manager Ali Abdel Aziz followed up on these reports with his own complaints about McGregor wanting more cash.

Twitter Fingers™ were pounding keyboards recently

This Tweet essentially calling McGregor a chicken went semi-viral a couple days ago, and it provoked McGregor's camp to deny these claims of Conor being in any way afraid of the bout.

It's kind of hard to tell who can be trusted. Either way, though, I hope they settle this and just throw down in March like they planned. I would love to see McGregor go up a weight class and potentially be the first fighter to nab a featherweight and lightweight belt simultaneously.

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