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By now, you may know that Holly Holm and Miesha Tate are squaring off at UFC 197. Holly's camp is taking the fight very seriously, but according to most sports betting publications, she doesn't have to be too worried about Tate taking her belt.

Take a look at these different odds for the March 5th bout:

As you can see, McGregor and dos Anjos is listed as well.

Holly Holm listed between -340 and -400 means she's expected to win fairly easily

In case you're not the gambling type (which is probably a good thing, tbh), you may not be aware of what these numbers mean. For example, -400 means that if you bet $400 you would make $100. And if you bet $10 you would make $2.50.

It's tilted that way because it's expected for Holm to win. Therefore, you're not rewarded for betting for her.

I think this is a big reason why she's favored

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