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Ronda Rousey recently took to Instagram to post a picture of her naked butt with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition body paint. She also has gotten introspective with some quotes about her fall from grace. However, now it appears she's pretty motivated and there's a new IG post to prove it.

Take a look at this one...


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While this quote is certainly open for interpretation, I think the main message here is that Ronda is not going to go off quietly into the night. She's worked too hard throughout her long (and successful) career to let one loss knock her out of contention for good.

Holly got her at UFC 193, but that doesn't mean she's not capable of getting her belt back

Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey are expected to face off again in the near future. Specifically, they plan to fight this Summer, but we'll see if Ronda can get prepared in that much time.

I think this post is a good sign of Ronda's mental state right now. I think she'll make a valiant comeback, and we'll be lucky to witness a legend returning to the Octagon - perhaps, better than ever.

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