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Holly Holm's coach Mike Winkeljohn, naturally, wants what is best for his girl. He thinks that the best move for Holly Holm is to do what a champion would do: fight the best fighters and win.

In this case, you might expect Ronda Rousey to be the strongest competitor for Holm, especially since she was once the queen of the UFC. However, Holm's camp is fully subscribed to the notion that a Rousey Rematchâ„¢ wouldn't be as compelling as a fight without someone else.

Holly Holm and her camp
Holly Holm and her camp

That someone else? Miesha Tate.

Here's what Winkeljohn had to say about the potential for a fight with the female bantamweight...

"We, as a camp, always figured, 'Give it to the No. 1 contender. Miesha Tate is No. 1. That makes sense. I think Tate did the best of everyone against Ronda Rousey. I think she deserves it. That makes sense to us and Holly would love to have that fight."

Winkeljohn added,

"It was the hardest in that [Holm] was up against this legendary status and the pressure was incredible. Although, being the underdog takes a lot of pressure off you. There's different styles out there. Miesha Tate is going to scramble all day long while Ronda was trying to get quick submissions. There's a difference in how that plays out. In many ways, Miesha is more dangerous than Ronda Rousey."

He came with a tl;dr summary of his thoughts as well:

"Not overall, but for different parts of the fight, there are women out there that can be tougher than Ronda Rousey. In the scramble? I think Miesha Tate is better than Ronda Rousey."

Holm is expected to face Tate in the co-main event March 5 at UFC 197.

(Via: MMAFighting)


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