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Jay Vergara

Did you know that professional armored combat is a thing? It is and it is glorious. M-1 Global, an MMA promotion company based in St. Petersburg, Russia, announced last year that they would be officially launching M-1 Medieval. These fights feature full contact single combat in full armor which is pretty awesome. That last sentiment wasn't very objective, but you're going to have to forgive me for being excited. After all, what's not to like about fights that look like this?

Fan reaction seems positive and the fighters themselves definitely look like they know what they're doing. Their movements don't seem clunky or unpracticed at all. If anything, they're surprisingly agile and you can see the wheels in their head turning as they try to find their perfect opportunity to strike. The fights themselves work on a point system with solid strikes from the sword or shield generating points (the swords are blunted, of course). Punching, kicking, and take downs are allowed as well. You can actually see some MMA influence mixing with historical techniques during these bouts.

While they can't make a full return to the old school (on account of the whole death and dismemberment thing) the fights are still pretty fascinating to see and all around very entertaining. Through active promotion and great fights, M-1 Global's hope is that M-1 Medieval will eventually become it's own standalone event. I certainly hope it does.


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