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Ryan Matsunaga

Conor McGregor might be in hot water again, but not for anything he's said. Instead, police are investigating him over a photo he recently posted to Instagram.

Here's the post:

"Put the fight game in the bag and step away from the vehicle," the caption reads.

Why is this a big deal? Well Ireland, McGregor's home country and where this photo was taken, has very strict gun laws. There are severe restrictions on gun and ammunition ownership, and firearm licenses must be renewed every three years. Additionally, carrying a gun as a civilian is outright banned in public places.

As a result, The Irish Independent has confirmed that police have begun an investigation to see if McGregor's photo opp was in fact a crime.

"We are investigating the circumstances under which the photo was taken. Gardai [the police force in Ireland]... are investigating," a spokesperson said.

An overreaction? Almost definitely (especially since there's a decent chance that's not even a real gun). However, Ireland takes illegal firearms very seriously, and if McGregor is in possession of one, it could put his UFC career in serious jeopardy.


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