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Maybe I'm one of only a few who was surprised that Conor McGregor was included on the Rolling Stone '25 Hottest Sex Symbols of 2015' list, but I think the last person you would ever find in that camp would be... Conor McGregor.

The man buys expensive guns, he buys expensive watches, he buys expensive cars, he buys expensive suits... and overall, he stunts. He's undeniably got a great physique and many people want to be him - or want to sleep with him.

Here's how Rolling Stone described McGregor's sex appeal:

Depending on whom you ask, the 27-year-old McGregor is either an overhyped loudmouth or the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world – though if you ask him, chances are, he'll say the latter. Very loudly. Regardless, after his record-setting 13 second KO of Jose Aldo at UFC 194, there's no denying that the brash, brawling Irishman is currently the biggest star in mixed martial arts (sorry, Ronda); and now, he's got Aldo's Featherweight Championship, too. And while his accomplishments inside the Octagon are impressive, his flashy excesses outside of it make him legendary. Dropping half-a-million dollars on a pair of cars? Check. Debating the merits of purchasing a chimp as a mascot? Yep. Sparring with – the summarily talking shit about – Game of Thrones' massive Mountain? You know it. In 2016, he says he's going to move up a weight class in the hopes of claiming another belt, meaning that if you're sick of him now, you're shit outta luck; King Conor's reign is just beginning. JM

McGregor joined the likes of Trevor Noah, Kylie Jenner, Daisy Ridley, Amy Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and more....

Pretty good company to keep.

(Via: Rolling Stone)


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