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UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has never earned an opportunity to fight for a UFC title. He's a little bit bitter about that fact. Maybe that's what led to some of these comments he had surrounding Anderson Silva and his PED use scandal.

Here's what he had to say on a conference call with the media:

"Well, for me, obviously, Anderson is a legend of the sport. He was the long-time middleweight champion. This is a guy I've wanted to fight for a long time. Of course, I wanted to fight him when he was the champion, but this really, for me, is the biggest fight outside of a world title fight right now. Anderson is still a massive name. He's still a huge draw and I have a lot of respect for him as a fighter. I always wanted to test myself against him," he continued. "I knew I could beat him. For me, I'm very, very excited about this fight. When Dana [White] called me and said the opponent had changed from Gegard [Mousasi] to Anderson, I was thrilled. I always wanted to show the world that I could beat Anderson and I know I can. I get to do that in February."

Bisping mentioned that he lost a great deal of respect for Silva as well.

"And I just want to say something. Yeah, we're all chasing a dream. All fighters have a dream, a dream of being the champion. You gotta do it through hard work and determination. The fact of the matter is Anderson Silva tested positive for not one, not two, but three banned substances inside his body. While I respect him as a fighter, I've gotta say, I lost a lot of respect for him for that," he continues. "This fight represents me beating all of these people that want to cheat the system. I've never taken performance enhancing drugs in my life. Anybody that does should be ashamed. To call yourself a martial artist and to take performance-enhancing drugs is the biggest contradiction you could ever make. And to be honest, Anderson should be ashamed of himself."

He doesn't feel we're taking enough time to examine the issue.

"I feel this should be talked about more. I want to be tested throughout this camp. Come and take my blood right now. You can get me to pee in a cup every day of this fight camp and I hope that happens. I hope Anderson is tested many times because he should be tested many times because he failed a test, not once, not twice but three times."

He continued,

"I did say to myself, 'I'm sick of this. I'm over it. I'm over fighting all these people that have an unfair advantage in their recovery, in their training. I really am sick of it. I thought, 'If anybody has a history with performance-enhancing drugs, then I'm not going to fight them. There's plenty of other people.' But then when I started hearing the rumors about the Anderson Silva fight, I started to think 'Would I take it or wouldn't I?' I've gotta say, regardless of what happened, he's still Anderson Silva," he acknowledges. "It is certainly someone I always wanted to face. So, for that reason, I'm willing to forgo that. We will meet in February."




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