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It looks like Holly Holm and Conor McGregor, two of the biggest stars of the UFC currently, have their next opponents. Holm recently defeated Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 and McGregor KO'd Jose Aldo in the Octagon at UFC 194 in 13 seconds. So, who are they taking next?

This is what will apparently go down at UFC 197

Well, in the case of Holly it looks like Miesha Tate. This will be a tough test for Holly as Tate is easily a top 10 bantamweight fighter.

And in the case of Conor McGregor, the headline fight of the night has been indicated by Bleacher Report to be McGregor vs. Rafael dos Anjos. This will be big for McGregor since he's going to attempt to hold belts in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions. This has never been done before...

UFC 197 is scheduled for March 5 and was originally expected to take place in Rio de Janeiro. However, multiple sources have indicated the card will now take place in Las Vegas and it will either take place at Sin City’s MGM Grand Garden Arena or Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Will we see another KO from Holly?

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