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Stephen Adamson

Recently, we covered Ronda Rousey's first Instagram post of 2016, which admittedly was a bit of a bummer. She came across as downtrodden and her outlook for the New Year just really wasn't that great.

Well, what a difference a day makes!

It was announced that Rousey will be hosting Saturday Night Live, and she just did a photo-shoot for Sports Illustrated, teasing out her body paint swimsuit via Instagram.

Here's the seemingly disheartened message she had for her fans and doubters alike 2 days ago:

Ronda's bootylicious body is going to be on display in the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Talk about a come up!

And just in case you didn't think that was Ronda, take a look at her wrists... the same Octagon tattoos from her post 33 months ago can easily be seen in the photo.

What do you think?


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