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Ben Turner

2015, you could say, was not really Ronda's year. The unstoppable champion's defeat against Holly Holm was nothing short of excruciating, and it was sad to see not only the physical but mental lasting effects it had on Ronda.

Anyway, 2015 is now so last year and Ronda is ready to dive right into a new and positive 2016. From what you can see of the poorly anonymized and disguised Ronda (you can tell it's her by the wrist tattoos) in a sneak peek for the new edition of Sports Illustrated, her booty is perky and looks like it means absolute business.

The concept of the shoot is interesting, with the body paint giving the effect of clothes.

And here's the evidence for all of you skeptics out there:

Ronda is also set to host Saturday Night Live. Slowly but with surely, Ronda is starting to reform herself and put herself back in the public's conscience.

All the best luck, Ronda!


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