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Kimbo Slice got famous for a street fight that he engaged in prior to becoming a professional Bellator fighting sensation. Some of that street-ness and smack talk ability transferred over to his character and style as a fighter who will forever go down as one of the best MMA figures we've probably ever had.

So when it was time for him to do an AMA through social site Reddit, the company was essentially giving the people exactly what they wanted (and maybe what they didn't know they needed).

Here are the top 10 rated posts from his Reddit AMA.

1. Kimbo is an anti-bullying advocate

Fan Q: were you ever bullied as a kid?

Kimbo: "i was and thats why im so against it now"

2. Kimbo's toughest fight?

Fan Q: Who was the toughest opponent you’ve ever fought?

Kimbo: "My wife.. u feel me?"

3. Kimbo's thoughts on the documentary, Dawg Fight

Fan Q: What are your thoughts on the documentary, Dawg Fight? Was it accurate, does it do it justice?

Kimbo: "completely inaccurate"

4. Very hard-hitting difficult questions were asked

Fan Q: French fries or onion rings?

Kimbo: "sweet potato french fries"

5. TUF House question briefly answered followed by a delicious sounding BBQ recipe

Fan Q: What was it like being in the TUF house? I hear you make some amazing BBQ, any chance we can get a recipe for some bad ass wings? Kimbo, thanks for taking the time to do this, been a fan for years! Good luck against Dada 5000.

Kimbo: "tuf house was interesting.

lightly season the wings, special sauce, cinnamon sugar, marinade overnight. slice up a decent amount of cayenne pepper black pepper a pinch of sea salt. bbq on the grill or deep fried then immediately glaze it with honey and lemon and serve."

6. Brilliant marketing idea from a Redditor for Kimbo's wings

Fan Q: Whens the line of kimbo BBQ sauce coming out? Brendan schaub has been hyping it on his podcast.

You should stop in with him as a press opp pre fight.

Kimbo: "idk maybe schaub can help me get it out there… thats my guy"

Fan comment: You need to come out with some rubs called Kimbo Spice.

edit: my first gold! Thanks!

Kimbo: "i came back just to say… that is genius!"

7. A Redditor wants Kimbo Slice in the WWE... Kimbo seems down

Fan Q: Ever consider a WWE career after MMA? You already have the look & smack talk ability.

Kimbo: "Vince.. where u at hommie? The people want it!"

8. Of course someone asked about the epic backyard fight that got Kimbo Slice famous

Fan Q: On the backyard fight that brought you Internet fame: did that dude lose his vision?

Kimbo: "the guys eye went 3 inches into his face and he didnt want to go to the hospital"

9. In any weight class, who would Kimbo like to fight most?

Fan Q: Hey Kimbo, just curious what MMA fighter active or retired would you most like to fight if weight classes didn’t matter?

Same question for boxing if you’re up for answering two questions.

Thanks a lot man big fan! Good luck on the next bout in February!

Kimbo: "i would like to bang brock big ass up"

10. Dude is straight up ready to injure in his next fight against Dada 5000

Fan Q: Hey Kimbo. Call your shot. How’s your upcoming fight going to end?

Kimbo: im gonna break his jaw and ribs. goin for the break!


You can find the Reddit AMA in its entirety here.



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