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The 30 Under 30 Forbes List is becoming one of those status symbols that tech billionaires, finance gurus, entertainers, and professional athletes can find themselves falling into if they are excelling at the highest level when it comes to their craft.

Well, a UFC fighter just made the sports segment of the list, and you might be surprised to find out it was none other than Jose Aldo.

Here's how Forbes magazine put it. They admitted that the UFC 194 loss was considered, but that he still belonged.

"Even with his UFC 194 loss, Aldo would still make any comprehensive list of great UFC fighters. He was the defending featherweight UFC champion and was ranked No. 1 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings. He also went a decade without losing a match since 2005 and reigned as a world champion for 6 years."

Aldo took to Instagram to send his message of gratitude and appreciation for being honored on the list, alongside the likes of Steph Curry and Russel Wilson.

Here's the entire list if you're curious.

(Via: MMAFighting)


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