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Ronda Rousey's Instagram has kind of been a gateway to the real Ronda, where we could find out about her personal life and some of the projects she's working on... or we could see her training in a kind of behind-the-scenes fashion.

But the number of images on the athlete's page recently seems to have diminished a bit. Since her knockout defeat to Holly Holm back in November at UFC 193, she's only shared 6 posts. It's her most recent one, though, that kind of hits home the most.

Ronda Rousey and UFC President Dana White
Ronda Rousey and UFC President Dana White

Ronda Rousey emerged as the shining star of the UFC, male or female, and for the vast majority of 2014/2015 her life was littered with nothing but positivity. She was given sponsorships, endorsements, movie deals, photo shoot opportunities, and really anything else a star wants (or deserves). But then this happened:

But, it was this sullen post to kick off this new year, 2016, where we finally got to see where her head's at.


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Knowing our culture, many of us will come to her defense, but a lot of us will be quick to judge. That's kind of social media in a microcosm. I didn't think it would be so immediately clear, though.

Here's an example of the very first two Instagram comments I saw below her post that made me really think. Check out this juxtaposition of one person absolutely enjoying Ronda's sadness and mocking her while another person right below shows support.

This isn't only true with athletics because we've seen this pattern in our view of any public figure. However, I think in sport it hurts even more.

Ronda Rousey probably undeservingly thinks she's let down her fans

Ronda didn't let down anybody and I think many of her fans still love her, but for whatever reason she feels we no longer find her deserving of any kind of fanfare just because she lost one fight?

That doesn't make sense to me. I feel bad for Ronda and I hope she comes back and kicks somebody's ass. Whether that somebody is Holly Holm doesn't even matter at this point. I think she's itching to get back in the Octagon with something very important to prove.

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