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I'm sure Manny Pacquiao fans would be ecstatic with the proposition of a follow-up rematch with Floyd Mayweather, but does Mayweather really have any obligation whatsoever to appease Pacquiao by letting him have another shot at the champ? Apparently so, according to Manny and his camp.

Pacquiao opened up to recently about that exact scenario.

“I have been very vocal about it (fighting Mayweather) even before the Bradley fight was made official on New Year’s Eve. The reason is simple; I want to end my 21-year boxing career with a big bang.”

I honestly think rallying an audience to get behind this fight would be difficult, but if the stars aligned and this happened I would be interested. And I think many others would be to.

“What would be the biggest fight to end a career than fighting the best and finest boxer at least in this era? We could have given that last May when we faced each other but due to unavoidable circumstances, sports fans failed to get the results they wanted.

I think if the fight ended in Mayweather getting knocked out, people would lose it. However, almost any other circumstance... even Floyd knocking out Manny... nobody would really care all that much.

What do you think?

(Via: boxingnews24)


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