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Chuck Liddell recently sat down with Joe Buck on his show Undeniable and the topic of fighting Mike Tyson came up. He said when he was younger, even in Tyson's prime, it was his father who kind of egged him on. He would always tell him "you could take him". And Liddell is one of MMA's best fighters ever.

Take a look for yourself. He thinks he could take Mike Tyson if it got to the ground, but he admits he would never want to box him.

Essentially, Liddell says if he got Tyson to the ground, he could easily defeat him. However, he said if he had to box Tyson, he would definitely lose. He says he'd let Tyson swing at him once and immediately turn it into an MMA fight.

So, in the Octagon he wins, but with certain "rules" that would keep it a boxing situation, it wouldn't end so prettily for Liddell. And he admits that.

All I know is I'd love to see this fight!

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